Are you enjoying the journey? Have you taken time to REST?

Here it is week TWO in my Master's plan experience.  Yes I am still excited about the "New-Beginnings" I am personally experiencing.  The whole concept of the Thankful Revolution is to develop a Social Media Refuge or Haven online where individuals can congregate and RESTRe-energize Everyone Sharing Treasures = REST aka Myrrhism for this day!  What is a Myrrhism?  This is an encouragement, witty expression, poetry, acronyms or any combination of inspirational message given through Divine Inspiration to illustrate an message.  Created by Miriam aka Essence of Myrrh the creator of the Thankful Revolution.

Well, today have you taken time to acquire a view of joy, rest, and thanksgiving for the place you are currently experiencing?  Even if it is a place of extreme challenge and friction; have you paused for a moment to REST (either you have received a word of encouragement from another or you gave one to someone worse off than yourself, you have found a peace even in the midst of turmoil, you share your overcoming testimony of the past which fuels the energy and determination of your will now to hold on and press through regardless, and you treasure the nuggets of gold received from wisdom gained along your life's experiences or someone who has mentored and nurtured you with their sharing)?

 First let us start of with a scriptural truth that encourages and motivates our faith in this often stressful journey.  I find faith comes by hearing the word and also personally for me the word of God in music.  So, I found this very enjoyable site that includes a plethora of music, scriptures and inspirational messages on audio.  The link is as follows for the first song I like to offer as we increase our faith through a scripture song:

Let The Peace Of God

Colossians 3.15,16

Let the peace of God rule in your hearts
to which you also were called in one body
and be thankful thankful
and be thankful thankful

Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly
in all wisdom and teaching and exhorting
exhorting yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs
singing with grace in your hearts
in your hearts to the Lord
singing with grace in your hearts
in your hearts to the Lord

Blue cross

(online reference link for more animated clip art

Have you taken the time to REST? While we are on this journey of "better" together we will learn more about God's Kingdom principles of how to live an abundant life which is fit to live eternally with Him in heaven.  While we are here on earth; it can get very stressful and unbelievably overwhelming.  Realize that Jesus came already to be a buffer for all of these roadblocks, stressful situations, and often unbearable burdens.  Really we are not meant to carry the loads we pick up and heap upon our souls and spirit.  Our soul is the haven of our thoughts, mind, will and emotions.  What we dwell upon while we are here on this planet earth will result in our eventual outcomes.  Also, are spirits need to be reborn from the degenerate baggage that our Adamic nature inherited from the beginning.   Therefore, it is truly our only task as humans to seek God's original plan for the best life ever.  This seems to be missed from our focal point however and that is one reason reminders like this come along to say, "Hey are you enjoying the journey and have you taken time to REST today?"

Now while I personally am on my quest for better, I find music often soothes my relentless soul.  I offer a favorite of mine from Smokie Norful that may benefit you along your journey as well and help you too "understand" the importance of REST and Joy for the journey.

Well, it is my goal here to share some type of instruction, encouragement or tip which will help us all live life better here on earth as it is in heaven then truly we will have our own personal new-beginning!

Thank you for stopping by and sharing with us here at the Thankful Revolution Blog Spot and if you like to know more about Me, Miriam Stevens aka Essence of Myrrh, you can check out my Face Book page located where you can  Become my friend here on Facebook and link up to what we are doing at the Thankful Revolution today!

Be encouraged, enjoy your journey and find time to get some REST! 


Miriam S. Stevens is the creator and facilitator of the Thankful Revolution  and she shares the following life statement:

I am a King's Ambassador ·  from May 1965 to present
My life statement: Consummate Communications Professional bringing seasoned, critical thinking with unlimited creative vision to every project. Excellence is not an option but her passionate pursuit.
To hear some of my personal testimony and why I was inspired to create the Thankful Revolution please listen to my testimonial video below:

Love you always and enjoy your journey for life and that life more abundant and better every step of the way!


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